Formation of BRCWRT with preservation as one of its two primary objectives.


Members hand out petitions to support Cannon Branch Fort (south of Manassas) and Brandy Station Battlefield; 2. Members hand out postcards and pre-printed messages for communication to Senators Warner, Robb and Secretary of the Interior Lujan, in support of the preservation of Brandy Station Battlefield; 3. Several members, including BRCWRT President Bill Miller, attend a summit of preservation groups at Shepherdstown, WV.

Oct. 91

Begin publishing upcoming historical events.  Includes both those at no cost and those whose proceeds benefit the local battlefield foundation’s efforts to purchase and preserve the battlefield. Examples include the 125th Anniversary of the re-interment of the Ashby brothers, officers, and men of the Laurel Brigade at the Stonewall Cemetery in Winchester, Va. for the former and Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation for the later.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


Bill Miller meets with Ken Apaschnikat, Superintendent of Manassas National Battlefield Park (MNBP) and begins a dialogue regarding BRCWRT’s future contributions to the welfare of the battlefield.


With the recent relocation of MNBP’s offices to the newly purchased Stuart Hill tract, the placement a flag pole there is born in order to publicize the recent activities.  Shortly afterwards, the location will include a visitor center.


BRCWRT’s initial preservation donation: committing to a $600 funding effort for new flag pole at MNBP.


Letter writing campaign begins asking various politicians to appropriate monies to buy and remove the “national tower” from the Gettysburg Battlefield scene.


One-halfway towards raising the necessary funds for the MNBP flag pole.


BRCWRT joins the Virginia Dept. of Transportation Adopt-a-Highway program; 2. Picked up (30) bags of trash from local roads (Groveton Rd. and Pageland Lane) around the Stuart Hill tract at MNBP.


BRCWRT becomes a charter member of BPAC (Battlefield Preservation Advisory Coalition).


Donates $300 to the Brandy Station. Foundation; 2. Supporting the Cannon Branch Fort preservation efforts in Manassas; 3. Wades into the fray over Senate Bill 514 in the Virginia legislature; 4. Raises $700 for the MNBP flagpole.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.

Oct. -92

Support MNBP’s efforts regarding the Brawner Tract & Dunklin Monument.


Supports the South Mountain Battlefield preservation efforts.


Supports the Bristoe Battlefield preservation efforts. Preservation Donations for 1992:  $950.


Supports the Belle Grove’s Mansion and New Market Battlefield Park into the Shenandoah Battlefield Project.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


Award: BRCWRT receives a Certificate of Appreciation from the State of Va. Dept. of Conservation and Recreation for the MNBP flagpole effort.


Award: “Take Pride in America” award at the conference in Richmond, 2. Continuing to support the Shenandoah Battlefield Park; 3. Support the "Horse-Mounted Program."


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


Preservation Alerts:  Glendale, Bristoe Station & Shenandoah Valley National Battlefields.


MNBP: BRCWRT donates $600 for the repair and preservation of the Groveton Monument. 2. BRCWRT receives a congratulatory letter for donations to the Ninth Pennsylvania Reserves for the C.F. Jackson Memorial Fund.


MNBP: Alert:  The Robinson House, a prominent landmark at the battlefield, is almost totally destroyed by fire.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


Raising funds to support the preservation of Glendale and Malvern Hill Battlefields; 2. BRCWRT announces a clear statement of preservation goals and objectives.


BRCWRT’s initial involvement with the Ox Hill Battlefield Park.  The Round Table vigorously supports the acquisition of Parcel 5 by Fairfax County.


Initiates a call-in campaign to support Sully District Supervisor’s Michael Frey effort for Fairfax County to purchase Parcel 5; 2. Alert:  First mention of "Disney's Theme Park." No official position at this time due to a lack of credible information; 3. Raffled a historical print “Stonewall Jackson at Manassas, July 21, 1861” to raise funds ($201) for Glendale and Malvern Hill Battlefields. Preservation Donations for 1993:  $600.


Ox Hill: Soliciting members to attend the public hearing for the county’s effort to acquire Parcel 5; 2. Bristoe Station: County Supervisor and BRCWRT member, Ms. Bobby McManus, support the rezoning; 3. Authored and sent a letter of support for the purchase of the Charles Hardy Grim estate near the Kernstown, Battlefield, thereby enabling markers and opening the area up to the public; 4. Raffle to support the Glendale-Malvern Hill fundraising efforts resulted in $266, which was matched by the Gilder Foundation of New York.




Ox Hill: Members speak at the recent public hearing regarding the county’s effort to acquire Parcel 5 for $550K; 2. Bristoe Station: Letter writing campaign initiated to thwart lower density efforts; 3. Alert: Disney’s America officially applies for a re-zoning of land for its proposed theme park in Prince William County.


Bristoe Station: Success! Prince William County Planning Commission (PWCPC) approves lower density; 2. Success! City of Manassas approves buffer zone around Cannon Branch Fort, which BRCWRT actively supported.


Award: Bill Miller receives "The Fletcher Pratt Award" for his book "Mapping for Stonewall: The Civil War Service of Jed Hotchkiss."


Members attend the recent National Park Service (NPS) meeting regarding the preferred new route of the high-voltage power lines that currently span the Stuart Tract; 2. Ox Hill: contact is made with the land owner for Parcel # 5; 3. BRCWRT continues to actively support the acquisition of the Charles Hardy Grim estate for the Kernstown Battlefield.


Donates $150 to Handley Library in Winchester for their Civil War Manuscript Preservation Project; 2. Bristoe Station: BRCWRT supports an alternative that would designate a large portion of land as a battlefield preserve.


Soliciting membership feedback regarding the Disney theme park; 2. Bristoe Station: PWCBS votes to allow residential development around the battlefield. BRCWRT involved via Pres. Armando Mancini's 1994 proposal.


Recognizes the excellent work Ralph Swanson has done via his monthly “Preservation” piece in the newsletter.  Hhe and Renata (wife and also a significant contributor) are being transferred to Provo, Utah; 2. Members are urged to visit the Ball’s Bluff area in Leesburg as the town is considering expanding the battlefield area through the acquisition of another 50-acres; 3. Ox Hill: Fairfax County takes title to the last 2.5-acres of the battlefield.


Shenandoah Valley Battlefield: Armando Mancini is tracking the bill as it advances in Congress. Members are urged to continue their support via letter writing campaign; 2. Requesting feedback from any member visiting Tredegar Iron Works in Richmond in consideration of supporting their new museum; 3. Requesting membership to support and visit the new, privately-owned and operated Pamplin Park Civil War Site near Petersburg, VA.


Bristoe Station: Numerous articles appear in the monthly newsletter regarding BRCWRT’s active involvement in the development of the battlefield park over the last nine (9) months.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


BRCWRT’s Initial Preservation Committee is Formed: John McAnaw heads the effort and is seeking input from members regarding future preservation efforts for their upcoming meeting to be held at the MNBP Visitor’s Center. Preservation Donations for 1994:  $150.


BRCWRT is announced as host of the upcoming symposium "1862 Summer Campaign in Va. & Md.” and sets aside $1,000; 2. Union Mills: John McAnaw leads an effort to preserve noted archeological sites in the area; 3. Ox Hill: monitoring continues regarding the transfer of the 2+ acres of land to the park authority.


The preservation Committee is very active via monthly status reports, particularly with regards to Bristoe Station, Union Mills, Bull Run fords, Mayfield fortification and the Cannon Branch fortification on the Wakeman tract.


Received updated news on several efforts from the Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites (APCWS).


Supports VFW Post 8489’s project to conduct an aerial photos the historic sites in the vicinity of the old Orange and Alexandria Railroad (now Norfolk Southern) from Fairfax Station west to near Manassas Junction, as many of the sites are now threatened by development.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


Commits $500 to support APCWS’s effort to acquire land on the sites of Second and third Winchester battlefields; 2. Updates the status of the latest APCWS efforts.


Monitoring APCWS efforts to raise funds regarding the preservation of Third Winchester. The ‘march’ of June 24-25 by (500+) reenactors was very successful in that effort.


Donates $500 payment to APCWS for the Second & Third Winchester sites. APCWS exercised its option for $500K to acquire 200-acres of the Third Winchester Battlefield; 2. Supporting "The Society of Port Republic Preservation" effort.


BRCWRT announces its preservation priorities: Focusing in and around the City of Manassas, Bristoe Station, Union Mills area, Thoroughfare Gap, Winchester Battlefields, Brandy Station, and Ox Hill (Chantilly).


Brandy Station: Hopes rekindled regarding 425 acre parcel as BRCWRT continues to monitor the situation.


Promotes the acquisition of "Civil War Coins," for which the monies support battlefield preservation.


Union Mills: John McAnaw updates membership regarding the development situation on “The Balmoral Tract.” Preservation Donations for 1995:  $500


Brandy Station: Large ‘recap’ article regarding the preservation saga of the battlefield by John McAnaw.




Requesting all Prince William County members to contact their respective supervisor and voice their concern over the county’s consideration of eliminating their History Commission as an independent county agency; 2. Lists the top (50) Civil War battlefields in order of their preservation importance.


Brandy Station: Success! The Motorsport Complex is nixed with BRCWRT support; 2. Appreciation expressed to members living in Prince William County as they garnered a robust call-in effort. They were rewarded by saving the History Commission as an independent agency via rolling it under the Architecture Review Board.


MNBP: (a) BRCWRT is directly involvement with the “General Management Plan” (GNP) review process via participation in the public hearings on the future of the battlefield, (b) Soliciting membership participation/response to the NPS’s solicitation regarding MNBP, (c) Per MNBP’s request, BRCWRT is providing ‘weekend’ volunteers; 2. Civil War Coins program has raised $6M thus far.


MNBP: BRCWRT membership reviewing its response to the NPS solicitation request; 2. Supports the City of Manassas efforts to restore Mayfield and Cannon Branch Forts. The city is targeting $400K for the task.


MNBP: Stuart Hill Center’s grand opening is very impressive, including significant membership support; 2. Dan Paterson is intricately involved in the Longstreet Symposium which is seeking to raise monies for its memorial fund. Another symposium is planned for September; 3. Brandy Station: A deal on appears imminent; 4. Kerns-town: The battlefield preservation effort names BRCWRT president Gary Ecelbarger as a consultant.


Announces an Early-Bird special (pricing) for members interested in attending the upcoming BRCWRT-sponsored Oct. 5, “Second Manassas” symposium; 2. Brandy Station: Solicits financial support for the foundation.


MNBP: Participates in "Clean-up Day;" 2. Kernstown: Supports the battlefield association via attending tours.


Brandy Station: Success! APCWS signs contract to acquire 1,543-acres as BRCWRT supports via fund raising efforts by participating in the “$500K Challenge;” 2. Solicits support for the Ben Lomond Manor House “Civil War Tea & Fashion Show,” for monies to restore the manor house.


BRCWRT hosts “The Symposium on Leadership at the Battle of Second Manassas,” featuring John Hennessey. The event proved to be a big hit as (42) attended the day-long program.


MNBP: Alert: Preparing membership for the “Fifth Battle of Manassas” regarding various road issues: (a) Intersection of U.S. Hwy. 29 and Rte. 234, (b) Parkridge Project, Intersection of I-66 and Rte. 234, (c) Proposed Rte. 234 Bypass; 2. Donates $500 to APCWS from monies derived from the “Second Manassas” symposium.


Recognition given to a developer, Joe Harsh, who is extremely pro-history; 3. Soliciting financial and written support for Dumfries Museum, as it loses its funding. Preservation Donations for 1996:  $550.


MNBP: (a) The route for the Western Transportation Corridor which was identified for further study would pass between Conway Robinson State Forest and the Battlefield Park, (b) Canadian firm (Opus) is planning a shopping mall on Rte. 234 that is wedged between Rte. 66 and the MNBP, (c) A campaign has begun to widen the intersection at the Stone House with turn lanes, and (d) A VDOT Rte. 29 study which proposes a highway route across Stony Ridge, (e) Members are urged to contact the local offices regarding the immediate threat at the Stone House intersection.


MNBP: (a) BRCWRT’s president is personally involved in terminating the MIS study on the Western Transportation Corridor; (b) Members attended a public meeting by VDOT, resulting in a hotline phone number for comments regarding the Route 29 study; (c) BRCWRT intends to take an official position on a minimum of three issues at MNBP and is soliciting feedback from its membership. Meanwhile, more development has been approved around the battlefield.


MNBP: (a) BRCWRT receives responses from the membership and prepares a vote for actions going forward, (b) Three transportation proposals are under study via VDOT. 2. Pat Gallagher assists with the exhumation and identification of Civil War soldiers on the McDonald’s restaurant site in Centreville.


MNBP: Ballots are in and the results are: (a) Oppose constructing turn lanes at the Stone House intersection 52-2, (b) Oppose any route over Stony Ridge 51-3 and (c) Oppose the Western Transportation Corridor 50-1. Hence, three resolutions were constructed and communicated to the appropriate contacts; 2. Members support the rehabilitation of the Manassas railroad depot.


Recipients of the American Battlefield Protection Plan are identified.


BRCWRT brings attention to the authorities regarding the negative effect of “traffic” noise on battlefields. Specific reference is made to excessive noise at a recent dedication ceremony at Ox Hill (Chantilly) Battlefield.


MNBP: Members express support for the upcoming “Friends of Manassas Battlefield” dinner and dance, assisting the volunteer and living history programs; 2. Supports the “Preserve Port” effort regarding the recent rain damage done at the Cross Keys and Port Republic Battlefields.




All donations received at member Marilyn Clark-Snyder’s memorial service are being sent to the Kernstown Battlefield Association in recognition of her Civil War ancestor who fought there; 2. Supporting MNBP’s 135th commemoration of the Second Battle of Manassas; 3. MNBP: BRCWRT is bringing visibility to VDOT recommendations for U.S. 29/State 234.


Approves $200 donation for restoration, examination and documentation of the graffiti at Ben Lomond Manor House; 2. MNBP: John McAnaw and Scott Patchan update membership on the various road proposals at MNBP. Also, provided contact information to membership regarding their respective congressmen.


New president, John McAnaw, states his intention to focus this year’s preservation efforts on MNBP, including the continuing effort to bring much needed exposure to the battle over the Stone House intersection; 3. Beginning to educate members about the preservation issues/efforts at Chancellorsville Battlefield.


MNBP: Membership is thanked for their tremendous support in contacting their representatives regarding the Stone House Intersection road issue – awaiting final conference wording. Award: Annie Snyder is honored with the first Life Membership in BRCWRT via her relentless 20-year preservation efforts regarding MNBP.


With funding in hand and with Dan Paterson’s efforts, the dedication of the monument at Longstreet’s birthplace is scheduled for next month in North Augusta, S.C. Preservation Donations for 1997:  $250


MNBP: now facing an additional threat via a Wetland’s Creation proposals by the Smithsonian Institution; 2. Monument to General James Longstreet is dedicated.


Donates $250 for the Ben Lomond House project.


Success! MNBP is no longer under consideration for a wetland creation site; 2. MNBP membership reaffirms support to MNBP Superintendent Sutton’s adamant opposition for major road construction at the Stone House intersection; 3. The Blenheim Estate in Fairfax is now under threat via the recently deceased owner’s (William Scott) brother seeking to sell the estate. BRCWRT is actively supporting more than (50) Northern Virginians known as the “Citizen Coalition for the Preservation of Blenheim” in an effort to save the historic property.


Heat, light, and visibility are heightened regarding the preservation of the Union Mills area.


MNBP: several members meet with Congressman Frank Wolf regarding the Stone House intersection. He sets up a committee with Martha Hendley (ex-BRCWRT pres.) as chair, to study the issue further.


Membership has the pleasure of being introduced to Lisa at the monthly meeting. She is an amazing young lady (10-yrs. old) who is a reenactor and with strong interests in preservation.


MNBP: Annie Snyder, first Life-Time Member of BRCWRT, meets and requests the membership support in stopping the construction of a 50-acre shopping mall planned for the west side of Rte. 234 between I-66 and the southern boundary of MNBP; 2. BRCWRT tours are assisting National Landmark Register consideration of the Union Mills fortifications; 3. Success! Blenheim is saved via creation of historic district by Fairfax City.


MNBP: soliciting members to voice opposition for road alteration plans at the Stone House intersection through the contact of area newspapers and politicians.


As a result of the considerable exposure for the preservation of Civil War Battlefields, which BRCWRT is actively supporting, Congress is considering funding the purchase of critical civil war sites.


Alert: The Wilderness Battlefield rezoning threat; 2. MNBP Stone Bridge needs repairs – may need to get involved.


MNBP: “Memorandum of Understanding” is reached between the National Park Service (NPS) and VDOT regarding the intersection of Rte. 29 and Rte. 234. Awaiting the final details; 2. BRCWRT is monitoring an escalating development issue in the Wilderness Battlefield.


Preservation Donations for 1998:  $250


Members tour the Centreville fortifications with Ed Bearss, raising the stakes regarding various preservation issues; 2. BRCWRT brings attention to the cell phone tower threat at MNBP; 3. Members express an interest in supporting the Beverley Mill’s (Chapman’s Mill) restoration effort.


The Centreville earthworks are rearing their ugly head as a major local preservation battle; 2. Soliciting members to attend the Feb. 23 public hearing and express their concerns regarding the MNBP cell towers.


Centreville: BRCWRT receives a letter from distinguished Civil War Historian, J. Michael Miller detailing the importance of preserving the earthworks in Centreville; 2. Carol Drake Friedman, noted historian and preservationist, is recognized for her assistance in preserving the Civil War Sites in the Centreville area; 3. BRCWRT initiates the creation of a program to place interpretative markers at important Civil War sites along Bull Run and in cooperation with the Prince William Historical Commission (PWHC) via member Mark Trbovich.


Sending out another plea for members to contact their respective Fairfax County Supervisor about the earthworks threat in Centreville; 2. John McAnaw sends a letter sent to FCBS deploring the proposed telco tower at MNBP.




Centreville: BRCWRT receives a letter from distinguished historian Ed Bearss supporting the preservation of earthworks on a 14.33-acre track in Centreville.


Centreville: (a) J. Michael Miller’s entire letter is published in the newsletter regarding the importance of preserving the earthworks, (b) BRCWRT leadership meets with Elliot Gruber, Executive Director of the Civil War Trust (CWT), who then tours the earthworks. Result, he commits to support the preservation effort.


Centreville: Movement on the earthworks effort now appears imminent via a meeting scheduled July 6 with Robert Davis, Div. Pres. of Centex Homes and FCBS Chair, Kate Hanley; 2. BRCWRT is requested to lead an artifact hunting effort on land proposed for an elementary school (southern side of Camp Carondolet in the Manassas Park area).  All unearthed artifacts will be turned over to the Manassas Park Historical Society.


Centreville: It now appears that Centex Homes is revising their site plan for Phase 2 of the development to preserve the earthworks; 2. The genesis for the Civil War (CW) Sites Inventory Preservation Project is born as John McAnaw solicits a list from members of any/all Civil War related sites; 3. A letter to BRCWRT from Elliot Gruber, Exec. Dir. Of the Civil War Trust is featured in the monthly newsletter, discussing the opportunities lost in the immediate area.


Fairfax Inventory: The county is now considering the expenditure of $150K on a comprehensive inventory of civil war sites project in the county; 2. BRCWRT’s $500 donation to the Longstreet Society is intended for the renovation of the General's Piedmont Hotel into a museum that will house the General’s remaining artifacts and be the Headquarters of the Society; 3. Centreville: Members are requested to contact FCBS Chair Kate Hanley and other supervisors in order to: (a) Approve the $150K expenditure, and (b) Acquire the 14.33-acre tract containing Civil War earthworks (on the site of the Deerfield Ridge development of 126 townhouses) as a county park.


Centreville: Success!  FCBS votes to turn over 1,226-acres, including the “Great Redoubt” and "Ring Fort" to the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPS); 2. Fairfax Inventory: Success! FCBS approves the expenditure of $150K for the inventory project, with BRCWRT (led by John McAnaw) being the vanguard of the effort.


MNBP: The U.S. House of Representatives weighs in on educational presentation at the National Civil War Battlefield Parks and the “Stone House” intersection debate, with ‘safety’ being the primary concern.


MNBP: Gravestones are vandalized at the Groveton Confederate Cemetery; 2. Centreville: Semi-success! (80-85%) of the earthworks on the main Confederate line will be saved as the result of the efforts by BRCWRT and a number of other Civil War preservationists. Unfortunately, 100+ yards of Union breastworks will be destroyed. Phase 1 (Union earthworks) construction will begin this month with Phase II (Confederate earthworks) beginning August 2000; 2. APCWS and The Civil War Trust (CWT) agree to merge. The new organization will be called the “Civil War Preservation Trust” (CWPT) with O. James Lighthizer named as president and representing 40K members.

Preservation Donations for 1999:  $500.


Centreville: BRCWRT monitoring the activity with no indication of any construction.


MNBP: BRCWRT solicits members to continue writing letters and making phone calls on the Stone House inter-section as VDOT’s Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) public hearing date is changed to 17 Feb.


MNBP: BRCWRT provided the largest contingent that attended last month’s VDOT’s (EA) meeting regarding the Stone House intersection. The final (EA) is expected to be published sometime this month.


MNBP: Famed BRCWRT preservationist, Annie Snyder is back, relatively healthy, and firing off letters to the media and concerned organizations protesting the planned construction at the Stone House intersection.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


Kernstown: After four years of fundraisers and public awareness campaigns with BRCWRT’s support; it finally looks like the association will be able to close on the property in September.


The Friends of the Lee Boyhood Home, with support from several BRCWRT’s membership, has submitted a proposal to buy, restore and maintain the Robert E. Lee Boyhood Museum.


No newsletter this month.


Wilderness: BRCWRT is monitoring the National Park Service’s (NPS) efforts to acquire a key part of the battle-field, i.e., “Longstreet’s Flank Attack Area;” 2. Centreville: land clearing is completed for Phase I and part of Phase II and Phase III for the Deerfield Ridge development.


MNBP: Success! (a) CWPT announces that they’ve acquired the 136-acre tract Davis Tract with BRCWRT’s financial support, (b) Requesting membership to attend a public meeting on 18 Dec. regarding other issues; 2. BRCWRT is supporting "Preservation 2000," with all monies going to various preservation efforts.

Preservation Donations for 2000:  $25.




Ox Hill: (a) Plan and design work has been delayed as the funds have been diverted elsewhere. Ed Wenzel is personally monitoring the situation, (b) The Department of Historical Resources (DHR) in Richmond has approved two historical markers authored by Ed Wenzel.


The effort to save Robert E. Lee’s boyhood home as a museum has failed and will now be converted into a private resident; 2. John McAnaw is personally touring locally threatened Civil War sites with nationally known Ed Bearss in order to bring much needed visibility to the issue; 3. Fairfax Inventory: The first of four public meetings was held regarding the Fairfax County Civil War Sites Inventory Project.


Bristoe Station: Reservation concerns for the battlefield have again reemerged; 2. Ox Hill: Ed Wenzel and Bob Hickey are leading the latest progress, however funding still remains an issue; 3. Kernstown: The symposium is being supported by BRCWRT with Scott Patchan and Gary Ecelbarger speaking. Proceeds will help pay off debt.


Ox Hill: (a) Solicits members to support efforts to acquire funds for the interpretation of the battlefield, (b) BRCWRT expresses concern about FCPA’s commitment to the park via reduced funding, repeated delays, and apparent resistance to the level of historical interpretation, (c) Members are requested to write to the Park Authority Director, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, and the Supervisor in their district; 2. Blenheim: Member Patricia A. Gallagher is directly involved in the identification process of the names on the walls of the Blenheim House in the City of Fairfax.


Fairfax Inventory: Appreciation expressed to those who participated in the “Search and Find” project that located Civil War sites near the old Orange and Alexandria RR bed (running from Backlick Road to Rolling Road in Fairfax County); 2. Blenheim: (a) A total of (82) names have been identified on the walls of the house, (b) Solicits support for Civil War Weekend with all proceeds going to the Blenheim Restoration Project


Fairfax Inventory: Members are recognized for their participation in the project; 2. Ox Hill: Members also recognized for their participation in the Memorial Day celebration; 3. Preservation efforts on private property by several members are applauded.



Fairfax Inventory: Membership continues to express support for the “Search and Find” project; 2. Solicits members to support CWPT’s efforts to raise $330K to purchase an 118-acre tract pertinent to the Petersburg Campaign; 3. BRCWRT’s founding father, Bill Miller, is appointed to the board of the newly formed “Richmond Battlefields Association” for battlefield preservation in the Richmond area; 4. Ox Hill: Ed Wenzel begins media blitz via Washington Times, Civil War News & Time Community Newspaper regarding the funding issue.


Fairfax Inventory: $200K+ is needed to complete the “Search and Find” efforts; 2. Centreville: BRCWRT is bringing needed exposure to another section of earthworks that’s threatened (Mt. Gilead Rd. & Wharton Lane).



Ox Hill: “Fairfax Journal” article details the delays at the battlefield; 2. Fairfax Inventory: John McAnaw meets with Kate Hanley, Chair FCBS, regarding the continuation of the project; 3. Centreville: Another civil war site, Fort Johnston, has been destroyed in the area. BRCWRT is publicizing the situation.


Fairfax Inventory: (a) The county, via BRCWRT’s persistence, is successful in obtaining $200K for the continuation of the inventory of Civil War sites project in Fairfax County, (b) The “Search & Find” effort is very successful, as many heretofore unknown Civil War sites have been discovered/documented; 2. Ox Hill: Ed Wenzel's persistence pay off as $118K is acquired for interpretation of the battlefield; 3. Centreville: soliciting support against the upcoming rezoning request of a section of the Centreville Historic District; 4. Bristoe Station: Request to rezone part of the battlefield has been postponed until 20 February.

Preservation Donations for 2001:  $420.


Centreville: (a) BRCWRT is strongly involved with the Mt. Gilead rezoning hearing (Stanley-Martin). BRCWRT solicits support for the upcoming Jan. 7 public hearing, speaking limited to 3-minutes, (b) Ed Bearss invited to speak before the FCBS on the proposed rezoning of a section of the Centreville Historic District as a result of BRCWRT efforts; 2. John McAnaw strongly endorses members to join the Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT).


Centreville: Rezoning meeting postponed (second time). BRCWRT solicits its members to attend the Feb. 25 meeting; 2. Bristoe Station: (a) Members requested to attend the Feb. 6 public hearing regarding the unmarked graves complicating the deal to save the battlefield, (b) Solicits members to support a thorough Forensic Anthropologist and complete thermal imaging of the gravesite area.


Centreville: Solicits participation in the Mar. 18 rezoning meeting; 2. BRCWRT solicits info on Irish Soldier, Patrick Logue, Co. D, 182nd N.Y. Infantry Regiment, believed to be buried in an unknown grave in the area.


BRCWRT receives an invitation to join other preservationists on Sat. Apr. 6 for a first-ever public tour of more than one mile of Confederate earthworks in the vicinity of Petersburg; 2. Centreville: After hearing (20) speakers, many from BRCWRT, FCBS votes to defer the rezoning vote; 3. Recognition of the many members who have invested their time and consideration over the past ten years via BRCWRT’s numerous preservation efforts.





Centerville: (a) FCBS approves the Stanley-Martin rezoning application to develop part of the  Historic District (CHOD), (b) John McAnaw and Ed Wenzel send follow-up letters to FCBS expressing their dismay.


Solicits membership to recruit more members in order to have more influence on preservation issues at public hearings in the future; 2. Bristoe Station: Requests more members to aid in the search for Confederate burial sites.


Annie Snyder, legendary BRCWRT preservationist, passes away in July. Most of the newsletter honors her efforts; 2. Solicits members to support CWPT and their efforts to acquire/preserve battlefields.


Chancellorsville: Designated the top preservation issue as a result of the acquisition of 800-acres by the Dogwood Development Group; 2. Bristoe Station: Requesting more volunteers to search for unmarked graves; 3. Ox Hill: FCPA is forming a project team; 4. Star Fort in Vienna is slated for partial development; 5. Donation of $50 is made to "The Central Virginia Trust," in lieu of honorarium to last month’s speaker, Brian Pohanka.


Chancellorsville: Members are requested to contact the Spotsylvania County Board of Supervisors (SCBS) regarding the threat at the battlefield; 2. Bristoe Station: Prince William County approves the rezoning of the 341-acre Rollins property for Centex Homes from agriculture to residential. Centex agreed to deed 127-acres to CWPT for a proffer; 4. Field Training Session for BRCWRT preservationists held on Nov. 16.


Fairfax Inventory:  John McAnaw extends his appreciation to the many members who invested hundreds of hours in research and field work in support of the very successful inventory project; 2. Spotsylvania: Thanks extended to the members who participated in the recently held contentious meeting with the Spotsylvania County Planning Commission (SPCPC) on the proposed 791-acre rezoning section of the battlefield; 3.The ongoing saga of the creation of National Historic Park in the Shenandoah Valley. Preservation Donations for 2002:  $480.


Updates provided on several threatened Civil War Sites: Star Fort, Grigsby Hill or Little Rocky Run Battlefield, Centreville Historic District (CHOD), Bristoe Station Battlefield, and Chancellorsville Battlefield.



Fairfax Inventory:  FCBS receives a briefing on the project, with BRCWRT involvement; 2. BRCWRT ‘field training classes’ are providing membership an appreciation for Civil War archaeology; 3. Spotsylvania: Names and contact information is provided for the new supervisors and other personnel who recently resigned. It’s time to begin contacting them; 4. Bristoe Station: Transfer of land by Centex to CWPT is expected to take place sometime in April; 5.The second BRCWRT ‘field training session’ for members is planned for March 2.


With the extensive experience gained in working with the Fairfax County on the “Search and Find” project BRCWRT is now offering this service to its members via a formalized request process within the organization.


Bristoe Station: Solicits members to assist in search for Confederate graves; 2. Spotsylvania: Success! County Board of Supervisors votes to deny the rezoning request (6-0) by the developer of Dogwood, a.k.a. the “town” of Chancellorsville. BRCWRT strongly supported the denial.



Certificates of appreciation are received by BRCWRT from the Centreville Regional Library for the long time partnership and volunteers who assist the library in accomplishing its mission to the public with Fairfax County; 2. Bristoe Station: (a) Date (1 July 2003) is set for title transfer from Rollins the family to Centex Corp, (b) Thirty-seven members assisted “The Sons of Confederate Veterans” (SCV) search for Confederate graves; 5. Ox Hill: Planning delayed again; 6. Fairfax Inventory: Success! The Fairfax County Civil War Sites Inventory is finally released.



Bristoe Station: (a) Members have attended five meetings in the search for Confederate graves, (b) Washington Post Aug. 17 article details BRCWRT's efforts to assist SCV project to find unmarked soldier graves; 2. MNBP: Excellent participation by members in the third Public Workshop regarding the 'By-Pass' Study; 3. Good news: The Confederate trenches near Petersburg have been spared, with BRCWRT support; 4. This month’s speaker donates his $50 speaker fee to the Central Va. Battlefield Trust.


Bristoe Station: The battlefield’s 140th Anniversary is commemorated with a small event. Six out of 25 in attendance are BRCWRT members.


Ox Hill: Situation is rapidly becoming a fiasco, as reported by Ed Wenzel; 2. Bristoe Station: (a) Excellent support from membership regarding the search for Confederate graves on the Centex Tract, (b) The latest count of support includes (17) Members who participated in the 11-12 Aug. and 15-16 Aug. efforts, and six more on 19 Oct.


Congratulations are extended to the members who supported the “March for Preservation at Lookout Mountain.” Collections totaled $118 for the CWPT; 2. Bristoe Station: Ten members supported the 25-26 Oct. grave searches, resulting in a few artifacts, but no graves were found. Preservation Donations for 2003:  $1,126.


Centreville: The concept of a “Fairfax County Heritage Park in Centreville is introduced to the membership as the destruction continues; 2. Three members assist the research on the Battle of New Market; 3. Bristoe Station: Twelve members support the 8-9 Nov. grave search; 4. Raffling “The “69th New York at Fredericksburg” print results in $320 for future BRCWRT preservation efforts. Kudos to Bob Hickey for his time and efforts.




Bristoe Station: Ten members offer their assistance for Saturday’s, January 17 and 24, to clean and catalog artifacts that were found this summer while searching for unidentified graves; 2. Ox Hill & Union Mills: (a) Master planning for both is slated to begin soon. (b) Public hearing is scheduled and members are requested to attend and provide their input. (c) Planning for the battlefields now appears to be two separate projects.


Round table members attended the recent Virginia Civil War Trails (VCWT) Region IV meeting. Primary objectives included the identification of interesting Civil War sites, promoting tourism via publicizing the sites, and preserving our Civil War heritage.


Ox Hill & Union Mills: (a) Ed Wenzel details the master planning effort for both locations in this month’s newsletter, (b) John McAnaw, is named to the task force



Ox Hill: (a) Revised plan is presented 15 April, (b) Official naming of the park is still under consideration; 2. Centreville: The Historic Overlay District (CHOD) is threatened by more land-mauling.



Work on 'Star Fort' in Vienna has caused considerable damage and threatened its viability as a worth-while stop on the Virginia Civil War Trails route; 2. Brandy Station: Development has once again threatened the battle-field.  Membership is requested to “take up arms via their pens and word processors;” 3. Ox Hill & Union Mills: (a) Task force has completed its work, (b) BRCWRT is soliciting membership participation for the public hearings.


MNBP: BRCWRT is designated a consulting party for “Manassas Battlefield – Bypass Study;” 2. Ox Hill & Union Mills: Hearings take place on Sept. 13 on the master planning. Six of the ten BRCWRT members who attended provided input. A special thanks goes to Mary Ahrens for driving 275 miles from north central Pennsylvania to speak at the hearing


Bristoe Station: Success! Ownership finally changes hands from Centex to CWPT; 2. Solicits members to contact the FCBS to find the means to purchase the land for park use and historical interpretation around Salona, in Mclean, Va. Financial support can be made via the “Save Salona” website.


In support of the Haymarket Museum’s historical and preservation efforts, Mark Trbovich authored and dedicated two Civil War Trails’ markers right next to the museum, with excellent membership attendance.


Mount Zion Church Preservation Association, Inc. (MZCPA), formed to preserve, promote and protect the 1851 School and Baptist Church proves to be a model for success. Its 501(c)(3) non-profit organization status greatly aided their fund raising efforts to attain their goals. Preservation Donations for 2004:  $1,669.


MNBP: Solicits memberships comments/recommendations regarding the draft EIS (Environmental Impact Study), which may well define the Manassas By-pass; 2. BRCWRT’s stated preservation efforts for 95’: Fairfax County, Prince William County, Centreville, Union Mills, Salona (McLean), Wolf Run Shoals, Buckland Races Battlefield, Buckland, Bristoe Station Battlefield and Confederate Winter camps (1861-62).



Ox Hill: Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) finally approves the battlefield park plan. However, money is still an issue and jeopardizing the completion of the park as now approved; 2. MNBP: The Draft Environmental statement concerning Alternative “Bypass” Routes around the park is released.


Ox Hill: Costs climb to $650K, with a net deficit of $450K.  More funds are being sought; 2. Centreville: BRCWRT is urged to state its views on the Centreville Overlay Historic District (CHOD); 2. Preservation efforts that BRCWRT is actively involved in include: (a) Funding to interpret Ox Hill Battlefield, (b) Manassas Battlefields Road Bypass Study, and (c) Preservation of fortifications, encampments, and cemeteries within or adjacent to the CHOD; 3. Centreville: A work group is being formed and will meet at the Sully supervisor’s office on April 11; 4. Letters are being sent from BRCWRT to FCBS regarding Ox Hill and Civil War facilities not included in CHOD; 5. BRCWRT higher level people meet with Gerald Connolly, chair of the FCBS, to discuss several important preservation issues; 6. MNBP: named # 1 on CWPT’s “Ten Most Endangered Civil War Battlefields” list. Award: Ed Wenzel is recognized and hailed as the “Real hero of Ox Hill,” for saving the battlefield.


Ox Hill: (a) John McAnaw and Charlie Balch meet with FCPA Director Michael Kane and staff to discuss the funding shortfall and what could be done to find more money, (b) Great news, as VDOT has determined that a turn lane for the battlefield is not be required, thereby lowering the deficit of the project by $200K; 2. MNBP: With the Draft EIS Hearing May 5 seen as the key to averting a threat, the Friends of Manassas Battlefield and BRCWRT both partner in an effort to secure memberships participation in the final phase of the Bypass Study; 3. Centreville: Solicits membership support for the upcoming May 24 public hearing on the expansion of the CHOD; 4. BRCWRT provides needed exposure for the Confederate Navy’s Exhibition at The Museum of the Confederacy.



MNBP: Thanks is extended to the many BRCWRT members who attended the recent public hearings regarding the Draft EIS phase of the Manassas Battlefield bypass Study and/or the Tri-County Parkway Location Study; 2. Ox Hill: Contract delays are discussed after meeting with FCPA; 3. Centreville: Work group meeting at Sully District Supervisor’s Office is attended by several BRCWRT members.





Four hundred people attend the memorial service for the noted and late preservationist friend of BRCWRT, Brian Pohanka; 2. Negotiations continue on the sale of the Salona Property in McLean.


On Aug. 6, John McAnaw spends four hours with Gerald Connolly, Chairman of FCBS, covering all Civil War sites within and near the proposed boundaries of an expanded CHOD; 2. Ox Hill: Planning is now in high gear. Several issues remain, including ADA compliance, etc.


Ox Hill: Site plan evolves as handicapped trail is relocated; 2. A breakthrough occurs at the Salona property. A rather unique agreement has been reached allowing the FCPA to acquire a conservation easement on the land, thereby enabling a solution that favors preservation. Mike Shannon continues to monitor developments.


Ox Hill: Parking area is currently being studied along with the creation of the text for markers.

Preservation Donations for 2005:  $473.



MNBP: Solicits membership for attendance and input at the Feb. 8 & 9 public meetings regarding the draft GMP/EIS, being held at the Henry Hill Visitor Center.


Brandy Station: The Foundation purchases 8-acres at Kelly's Ford with CWPT and Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation providing most of the funding; 2. Rob Orrison is named the new Site Manager for the Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre; 3. Ox Hill: Planning nears completion as Ed Wenzel continues to solicit feedback from BRCWRT for historical accuracy purposes.


Bristoe Station: BRCWRT solicits members support for yet another anticipated rezoning threat via 267.88-acres in the southeast quadrant of the battlefield (Union positions south of the railroad); 2. Ox Hill: Trail segments are realigned; 3. Centreville: the Rice Property development near CHOD is decried as BRCWRT gets involved.


Ox Hill: Interpretative plan and text is reviewed, changes are urged; 2. Centreville: Ed Wenzel’s testimony regarding the Stanley Martin development prompts FCBS to delay a decision on the proposed rezoning of the 3.68-acre Rice Track located within the proposed expanded Centreville Historic District.



Centreville: Alert regarding FCBS public hearing on Rice Tract. BRCWRT soliciting attendance and input by members; 2. Membership is requested to support fund raising for repair of monuments at Gettysburg that were vandalized; 3. Ox Hill: Interpretive plan is redrafted as park staff clings to annual evaluation.



Ox Hill: Interpretative meetings continue; 2. Centreville: (a) FCBS will again consider rezoning 3.68-acres of the Centreville Historic Overlay District (CHOD), (b) BRCWRT is adamantly opposed to the destructive rezoning request, and (c) BRCWRT recommends the Gateway Heritage Park concept including the Middle Fort, Covered Way, Apex Fort, West Fort, the Mount Gilead property and other Civil War sites within the 1935 NPS boundaries


Centreville: Solicits members to attend the Nov. 20 NVP Inc.’s rezoning request on the Rice Tract; 2. Merrybrook: Numerous members attend and offer several options/contacts for the preservation of the historic house (former home of Laura Ratcliffe); 3. Ox Hill:  Interpretive meeting postponed, visitor kiosk downsized and text questioned.


Charlie Balch is interviewed regarding his various preservation efforts; 2. Centreville: FCBS announces that a Phase I Archeological Survey will be required for certain zoning on applications located in or contiguous to CHOD; 3. Ox Hill: Interpretive text is under review again with a possible deadlock in the offing; 4. Merrybrook: BRCWRT receives a “Thank You” letter from the Meiselman’s (current owners of Merrybrook), stating that as a result of our input, a group of “Friends of the Laura Ratcliffe House” is being formed.



Spotsylvania: Success! BRCWRT and CWPT join a chorus of county residents to successfully appeal and preserve 74-acres of hallowed ground; 2. Centreville: “Rice Property” vote by FCBS postponed until Jan 07; 3. Ox Hill: Interpretation stuck via kiosk problems and Wayside marker changes. Preservation Donations for 2006:  $1,926.


Centreville: (a) BRCWRT conducts a very well attended tour in Centreville intended to develop a solid nucleus of informed members for the upcoming CHOD public hearings, (b) BRCWRT supports FCPS efforts via letter writing campaign to obtain grant funds for the acquisition of Civil War sites in historic Centreville; 2. Maureen Quinn takes a Licensed Battlefield Guide Exam in order to become a licensed tour guide at the Gettysburg National Battlefield Park; 3. Ox Hill: FCPA shuts down debate and it is agreed that the final marker texts will be reviewed by BRCWRT for historical accuracy; 5. Merrybrook: Applies for acceptance on the National Registry, with input and guidance from Mark Knowles.


Centreville: The Fairfax County Park Authority Board (FCPAB) authorizes designated personnel to meet with and make an offer to the owners of the 3.68 acre “Rice Property” (NVP Inc.); 2. Ox Hill: Off-site markers are delayed as liability becomes the latest concern; 3. John McAnaw is reviewing the Fairfax County Interpretive Plan; 3. Soliciting volunteers for Bristoe Station Battlefield, Ben Lomond, Brentsville, and Ripon Lodge; 4. Merrybrook: Success! Their application for acceptance on the National Register of Historical Places is approved. Kudos to the members who provided input, particularly Mark Knowles, who championed their efforts.






Merrybrook: Bill Etue details the process that Merrybrook went through to be placed on National Register of Historic Places; 2. Centreville: Success! (a) FCBS unanimously approves a major expansion of the CHOD, (b) FCBS authorizes the purchase by the county of the entire 3.68-acre “Rice Property;” 3. Prince William County announces the grand opening of the recently restored Brentsville Courthouse and requests assistance and publicity from BRCWRT; 4. Ox Hill: FCPA alters the interpretive package as reviewers are sent old kiosk texts.


Ox Hill: Site-plan issues, questions, waivers, text review in progress, and easement change.



Merrybrook: BRCWRT solicits membership to continue providing financial support for preservation purposes. Award: Mark Trbovich is honored as the Prince William County Volunteer of the Quarter after logging (200) hours in the authoring/installation of five additional historical markers in the county.



Merrybrook: BRCWRT requests member participation in the upcoming Open House; 2. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from membership for Hunter Mill Defense League’s (HMDL) recently released DVD, “Danger Between the Lines” has proven to be a major motivating factor for future public showings; 3. Bristoe Station: Solicitation of volunteers continues as John McAnaw details the grand opening; 4. Ox Hill: Text is finalized for the interpretive panels and markers. Design contract signed and scouting for volunteers to assist.


Ox Hill: Historical marker designs are progressing; 2. Bristoe Station: Grand Opening is announced.


Solicits membership to support the reauthorization of the Battlefield Preservation Act in the House and Senate; 2. Ox Hill: Plan delays are questioned by Gerry Connelly, Chair, FCBS.



Ox Hill: (a) Markers pass initial test as more are completed, (b) Latest problem is phosphorous in rainwater.  Ed Wenzel continues to provide input and monitor the situation. Preservation Donations for 2007:  $1,503.


Ox Hill: (a) Ed Wenzel leads a BRCWRT-only tour to educate membership about the recent activities and status of the project, (b) FCPA receives additional funding of $267,506, (c) Rain water problem has been reduced, (d) Kiosk panels are near completion, (e) Off-site markers are funded 2. BRCWRT preservation focus this year will continue at Bristoe Station, Centreville, MNBP, and Brandy Station; 3. Bristoe Station: Solicits more members to sign up and speak at the upcoming PWPC meeting on 19 March, which will address the proposed development of much of the battlefield south of the Norfolk-Southern RR tracks east of Rte. 619; 4. CWPT rescued 1,616-acres of hallowed ground in 2007. Kudos to the BRCWRT membership for their continuing contributions.



Ox Hill: (a) “Rain Gardens” have been nixed as deemed too expensive, (b) Conservation easement red tape continues,(c) Off-site markers now may not be funded; 2. Solicits members to contact Virginia legislators to request funding of the Virginia Civil War Battlefield Fund; 4. “Friends of Wilderness Battlefield” requests BRCWRT members to attend their annual symposium, dinner and auction. All proceeds go to the Ellwood Restoration Project.


MNBP: Ed Clark assumed the duties as Superintendent of the battlefield on 28 April. 2. Ox Hill: (a) Site work begins this month; (b) Conservation easement areas are reconfigured, (c) Some site-plan changes cause surprise, and (d) Off-site markers will now be funded; 3. Bristoe Station: Success! Prince William Planning Commission (PWPC) votes unanimously to recommend denial of a request to rezone 150-acres of the battlefield for a commercial office and warehouse project. With developers continuing their quest, BRCWRT solicits membership to attend and oppose their formal request at the PWCBOS meeting on 6 May; 4. A stark reminder of what can happen at a valued historical site is exemplified with the horrible planning and resultant travesty at the site of Mosby’s Rock off Centreville Road. It was severely compromised by recent townhouse development resulting in a tragedy.



Bristoe Station: After a contentious public hearing, PWCBOS votes 7 to 1, to rezone a 152.5 acre agricultural tract on the southeast side of the battlefield for a mixed business park. The good news: approximately 42-acres of the rezoned land is slated to be turned over to the county and added to the existing Battlefield Heritage Park at some future date. A hardy thanks was extended to the BRCWRT members who attended and spoke; 2. Ox Hill: (a) Groundbreaking, (b) Restoration and site-work underway, (c) Dedication is set for Sept. 1, and (d) New off-site marker snag. Award: John McAnaw is honored by the FCPA for his long years of service as Chairman of the Parks and Lake Committee.



Ox Hill: The battlefield site-work continues, (b) Park benches cause stir, (c) Cornfield gets smaller, and (c) Dedication on target for Sept. 1.


Mark Trbovich is named President of the Prince William County Historic Preservation Foundation. Mark lauded BRCWRT for stirring his interest in historic preservation; 2. Ox Hill: Battlefield Park finally opens; ceremony, wreath-laying and artillery cap major interpretive and restoration efforts.  Three hundred (300) attended, of which (20) were BRCWRT members.


Ox Hill: (a) Landscaping begins soon, (b) Bicycle racks are requested, and (c) Minor errors found on signage; 2. Alert: John Pearson advises membership that budget woes threaten preservation activities in Prince William Co.





Outgoing president and preservationist extraordinaire, John McAnaw, details all the Civil War sites that have been identified along Bull Run in his December lecture. Preservation Donations for 2008:  $1,290.


Ox Hill: (a) Work continues as Ed Wenzel monitors everything, (b) There are plans for a soldiers’ kiosk panel and two or three off-site markers with the remaining monies, (c) In addition, a pod-cast audio is in being considered.


Alert: regarding upcoming Prince William County 2010 budget hearings. Anticipating budget shortfalls, continuing attendance and monitoring is deemed very important, particularly regarding funding for preservation efforts.


CWPT names the Ten Most Endangered Battlefields.


Merrybrook: Soliciting membership support and attendance for “An Evening of Merriment for Merrybrook” in recognition of their preservation efforts; 2. “Thirty Bags of Trash” article in the newsletter by Pres. Nancy Anwyll recognizes the evolution and preservation efforts of BRCWRT since its inception.



John McAnaw, John De Pue, and John Pearson attend a meeting with MNBP Superintendent Ed Clark regarding the proposed construction of Dominion Power electric lines.



Merrybrook: An article in the monthly newsletter details the latest preservation supported via efforts from BRCWRT members; 2. A six year historic road preservation effort pays off as Jim Lewis, Steve Hull, Charlie Balch, Bob Eldridge, and Tom Evans (the core group of five and also associated with the Hunter Mill Defense League - HMDL) install the first of several planned historical markers on Hunter Mill Road.


The Land Trust of Virginia Board of Directors creates a new fund, named the “Deborah Whittier Fitts Battlefield Stewardship Fund,” in memory of the long time Civil War News reporter and wife of good friend Clark “Bud” Hall. Monies raised will be used to recognize and provide financial support for landowners interested in protecting properties where Civil War battles took place; 2. John Pearson is appointed BRCWRT representative to the Bristoe Station Battlefield Heritage Park; 3. Dominion Power expands power lines at MNBP. Nancy Anwyll, sends a letter to Superintendent Ed Clark expressing appreciation for being kept informed, but deep disappointment in the inadvertent destruction of a portion of the Unfinished Railroad. A recommendation is also made to document the course of events in order to avoid future such actions at the battlefield.


Preservation efforts for historical Hunter Mill Road were solidified as numerous state and county officials attended and acknowledged the road’s historic importance during the well-publicized dedication of six (6) historic markers; 2. Overwhelmingly positive feedback was received from the public at Centreville Day regarding BRCWRT’s preservation efforts on behalf on the local citizens.



Mosby Documentary: Chuck Mauro and Don Hakenson begin filming in Fairfax County. The objective is to provide needed exposure and incent preservation efforts for a variety of historic locations via the Gray Ghost’s exploits in the area. Preservation Donations for 2009:  $1,580.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


Great news: the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA) has received fee simple title to the historic Mount Zion Church, but not the adjacent cemetery.


Membership unanimously approves the 501(c)(3) non-profit application, enabling tax deductible donations for preservation efforts; 2. Ox Hill: BRCWRT sends a letter to Fairfax County Gov’t. regarding debris at the park.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.



Brandy Station: Mike Block is starting a preservation-oriented blog with numerous BRCWRT members participating.



No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


Donation of $1,000 for CWPT unanimously approved by membership; 2. Paperwork for the 501(c)(3) non-profit status submitted; 3. Rob Orrison named Site Manager of Bristoe Station Battlefield Park and Ben Lomond Historic Site.; 4. BRCWRT announces raffle to assist the acquisition of 10-acres at the Second Manassas Battlefield (Deep Cut).


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.



Award: BRCWRT members Steve Hull, Jim Lewis, Charlie Balch, Bob Eldridge, and Tom Evans, also affiliated with the Hunter Mill Defense League (HMDL), were honored with the highly esteemed “Ross Netherton Historians Award” for their acclaimed DVD, “Danger Between the Lines” by the Fairfax County History Commission (FCHC). Preservation Donations for 2010:  $1,000.


BRCWRT solicits support for the U.S. Christian Commission and its Gettysburg Chapel.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


BRCWRT is awarded 501(c)(3) status, enabling tax deductible donations, which will be used for education and/or preservation purposes.




Several BRCWRT members are involved with the “Resident Curator” program, courtesy of “Friends of Laura Ratcliffe Foundation.” It’s a public-private partnership intended to create historic preservation entities in Virginia.



BRCWRT member and preservationist, Beverly Jones Regeimbal passes away. Her memorial service was appropriately concluded with the singing of “Dixie.”



Sesquicentennial: BRCWRT receives a thank you letter from the planners of the nation’s signature “First Manassas” event for the active involvement and support the membership provided.


Centreville: Alert regarding a preservation threat of the Confederate “Super Battery” site off Stone Road in the Sully District; 2. Sesquicentennial: Fairfax County History Subcommittee, chaired by John McAnaw, secures funding for nine markers from the FCBS for fiscal year 2012; 3. Centreville: Preservation efforts within the area were given excellent exposure via BRCWRT members supporting the Centreville Day event.


Briefing of PWCBS regarding Centreville and Manassas Junction preservation of fortifications.



No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.

Preservation Donations for 2011:  $2,050.


BRCWRT solicits members to attend the “Civil War Archaeology Symposium;” 2. Solicits members who might be interested in volunteering and/or being a docent at the local Stuart-Mosby Civil War Cavalry Museum.


Bristoe Station: Two park benches are donated to the battlefield Heritage Park via Rob Orrison on behalf of BRCWRT; 2. Centreville: Success! The historical trail in the Centreville Historic District (CHOD) is improved via membership involvement; 3. Bristoe Station: Solicits members to join the Annual Park Clean-Up Day on March 31.


Ox Hill: Paula Elsey details the upcoming sesquicentennial itinerary and preservation efforts.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.



Don Hakenson announces the “Stuart-Mosby Civil War Cavalry Museum” will officially open June 16.



Award: Ed Wenzel receives a CWT Preservation Award via his extensive commitment to Civil War battlefield preservation, dating back to the very origins of the modern movement.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.



Bob Hickey’s print raffle brings in $1,500 for Ed Wenzel’s epic chronology.

Preservation Donations for 2012:  $946.


Tim Duskin provides an update on the Gettysburg Electric Map as an excellent example of preservation.


Listing of Civil War Blogs & Sites, as well as historical books, regarding the preservation of valued historic sites.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


Brian McEnany gathers much needed information at a Howard Coffin lecture on the Green Mountain boys of the 2nd Vermont Brigade for a future preservation effort with Jim Lewis at Wolf Run Shoals in Fairfax County; 2. Soliciting members to support a web-based contest that Colvin Run Mill is attempting to win prize monies in order to fully restore the second and third levels, thereby enabling visitors to see the mill working from top to bottom. It is being sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express; 3. The Digital Public Library of America is launched, providing researchers and preservationists much need information via the web.



No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.



BRCWRT has agreed to support an all-day tour with “The Friends of Cedar Mountain Battlefield” (near Culpeper) in order to raise monies that will be used in the preservation efforts for the battlefield.


Bristoe Station: Kudos to Rob Orrison for the excellent sesquicentennial program. The commemoration has apparently stirred numerous people to action in support of the preservation efforts at the battlefield.


Alert: regarding the latest casino efforts in Gettysburg. Another letter writing campaign may be in the offing; 2. Tim Duskin updates the membership on the Electric Map issues in Hanover; 2. Good News: CWT announces the preservation of the Jackson House and associated acreage at Balls Bluff Battlefield via a recent property acquisition.



MNBP: The National Park Service (NPS) faces a problem with an ever increasing deer population at MNBP. BRCWRT is soliciting recommendations. Preservation Donations for 2013:  $602.


The “Monitor” lab is being temporarily closed due to a Federal funding shortfall. Good news: the museum is staying open and eagerly awaiting Congress’s approval of a new budget. Member input to their government representatives is welcomed; 2. MNBP: Excellent preservation story regarding the Winery at Bull Run. Jon Hickox has renovated the house and property near the Stone Bridge. Chuck Mauro and Don Hakenson are providing publicity and BRCWRT is planning an organizational activity in the near future.




Bristoe Station: Alert regarding a church’s request for rezoning the Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) for conversion of hallowed ground into a for-profit cemetery. John De Pue, John Person, and Mark Trbovich presented the details. Membership was encouraged to express their disapproval to the PWCBOS; 2. With BRCWRT’s 25th anniversary coming up as of May 2016, E.B. Vandiver begins recruiting members to join a “Silver Anniversary Committee,” in order to document the vast array of efforts and activities performed over its 25-years of history.


Bristoe Station: With membership all set to attend and speak the PWCBS public hearing, the church withdrew its rezoning application amendment “with leave to resubmit it at a later date.” BRCWRT’s Executive Committee is closely monitoring the evolving situation and will keep the membership appraised of developments; 2. The efforts to restore the Brentsville Jail have fallen short of financial goals. Additional contributions are solicited.


Bristoe Station: Even with the church’s rezoning application being pulled (temporarily), it is still deemed prudent for members to continue to contact the PWCBS with their views; 2. Numerous upcoming preservation-oriented programs are listed in this month’s newsletter.



BRCWRT nominates “The Wilderness Battlefield” for the 2014 Virginia Most Endangered Historic Sites list; 2. Bristoe Station: The rezoning situation is updated and detailed.



No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.


Appreciation expressed to Bob Hickey for his tireless annual raffle efforts over the years that have raised monies for worthy historical efforts by BRCWRT; 2. Official Records of the Union & Confederate Navies are now digitized.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.



Exec. Committee participates in a brainstorming session at the historic Winery at Bull Run Winery regarding post-sesquicentennial direction for BRCWRT, including future events, preservation efforts, etc. A survey will be sent to membership requesting their input is the next step; 2. Kim Brace creates a digital map of where our members are located, which will be inserted into the 25th Anniversary booklet. Preservation Donations for 2014:  $1,760.


C-Span recorded good friend Dave Goetz’s “Hell is Being a Republican in Virginia” presentation. Multiple replays are shown throughout the month, along with a short commentary about local history and preservation efforts; 2. The need to preserve historic sites was a primary message at the Lee-Jackson-Maury Birthday Commemoration in Richmond, Va. 3. Membership is solicited to support the efforts by “Stuart-Mosby Historical Society of Centreville, Va.” to repair and restore Gen. Stuart’s statue in Richmond, Va. Estimated cost is $35K.


E.B. Vandiver reluctantly has had to step down as chair of the 25th Anniversary committee. Jim Lewis and Brian McEnany agreed to co-chair the project going forward; 2. President Mark Trbovich urges members to take the time to e-mail the PWCBS in support of the Historic Preservation Division funding for the Fiscal Year 2015.


Reinforcing the importance of preservation, BRCWRT members walked in a footsteps of history tour at Wolf Run Shoals, led by Jim Lewis, Brian McEnany and Kim Brace; 3. Dr. Charles Poland, instructor at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) and a great friend of the Civil War community, is retiring in June. He is being honored by the school by being chosen to present its annual Legacy Lecture on the Annandale campus.


President Mark Trbovich extends his thanks to the membership for their support over the past four years of the Sesquicentennial Commemoration festivities. Everyone agreed that it brought much needed attention to preservation efforts everywhere; 2. Centreville: CHOD has come under a new threat via the proposed realignment of Leland Road. BRCWRT is already researching the consequences and feedback is imminent to the membership.



Centreville:  The Round Table is maintaining vigilance regarding the Leland Rd. extension; 2. Bristoe Station:  Mark Trbovich, John De Pue, and John Pearson toured the battlefield with new Brentsville Supervisor, Jeanine Lawson.  Award: John McAnaw was named “Lord Fairfax” by the FCBOS for, amongst other endeavors, his tireless preservation efforts in Fairfax County. 



Centreville: Members are solicited to attend the Sept. 30 FCPB (Planning Board) meeting regarding the cancellation of the Leland Rd. extension.


Bristoe Station: No update on the “Kirkland’s Charge” land preservation effort.


No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.



No preservation activity mentioned in newsletter.

Preservation Donations for 2015:  $1,000


“Ox Road/Braddock Road Redoubt” by Blake Myers.


“Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Confederate Memorials and Street Names, established by the Alexandria City Council” by Blake Myers; 2. BRCWRT ExCom Hears Confederate Statues Viewpoint” by Tim Duskin.


BRCWRT Preservation Committee actively working Ox Rd. corduroy logs “dating” process and GMU partnership.

* Bold type identifies significant ‘firsts,’ milestones, or member recognition.