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Audio Archive

WHAT: The Bull Run Civil War Round Table holds monthly meetings that feature a guest speaker presenting a topic of interest to Civil War enthusiasts. As conditions permit, we record some lectures and offer them here online.

WHERE: Centreville Regional Library, Centreville VA. [map]
Second Thursday of each month, 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. [schedule]
Free and open to the public.

HOW: Clicking on a lecturer's picture below will bring up two options for listening: 1) Listen immediately on your computer or 2) Download a file that you can synchronize with your portable music player e.g. iPod. The menu below is in reverse chronological order by recording date.

Topic: "To Hazard All: A Guide to the Maryland Campaign, 1862"
Recorded  12 September 2019
Rob Orrison/Kevin Pawlak

Topic: "Cloaked in Mystery: The Curious Case of the Confederate General's Coat"
Recorded  8 August 2019
Richard Lewis

Topic: "Battle of Fort Fisher, NC"
Recorded  11 July 2019
Ed Bearss

Topic: "Mosby in Fauquier County"
Recorded  13 June 2019
Don Hakenson/Chuck Mauro

Topic: "Julia Wilbur and Harriet Jacobs, "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl""
Recorded  9 May 2019
Paula Whitacre

Topic: "Seed and Blood: Slavery and American Capitalism"
Recorded  11 April 2019
Noah Cincinnati

Topic: "Cavalry Action at Battle of Chickamauga"
Recorded  14 March 2019
Eric Whittenberg

Topic: "The Battle of Antietam and the Union Command Controversy"
Recorded  14 February 2019
Gene Schmiel

Topic: "They Rode with Mosby"
Recorded  13 December 2018
Buckland, Eric
Topic: "Gettysburg’s Unknown Soldier: The Life, Death, and Celebrity of Amos Humiston"
Recorded  8 November 2018
Mark Dunkleman

Topic: "Take Care of the Living: Reconstructing Confederate Veteran Families in Virginia"
Recorded  11 October 2018
Jeff McClurken

Topic: "Sunstroke and Ankle-Deep Mud"
Recorded  13 September 2018
Brian McEnany/Jim Lewis

Topic: "The Kentucky Campaign  August  to November 1862"
Recorded  9 August 2018
Christopher Kolakowski

Topic: "Battle of Ft Donaldson and Ft Henry"
Recorded  12 July 2018
Ed Bearss

Topic: "Battle of Nashville December 1864"
Recorded  14 June 2018
Stephen Phan

Topic: "C W Press: Resisting Censorship to Publish Secretsl"
Recorded  10 May 2018
Randy Ferryman

Topic: "Ambrose Powell Hill"
Recorded  12 April 2018
Patrick Falci

Topic: "Evening with US Grant"
Recorded 8 March 2018
Brian Withrow

Topic: "Battle of Falling Waters"
Recorded 8 February 2018
George Franks III
Topic: "Leadership Lessons of the CW"
Recorded 11 January 2018
Ralph Peters

Topic: "CSS Albemarle"
Recorded 14 December 2017
John Quarstein

Topic: "Fighting the Civil War: Historical Treasures of the Conflict in the Collection of the National Civil War Museum"
Recorded 9 November 2017
Wayne Motts

Topic: "The Potomac River Blockade 1861-62"
Recorded 12 October 2017
Rob Orrison & Bill Backus

Topic: "The Jewels of War": Robert E. Lee, George B. McClellan, and the Battle of Antietam

Recorded 17 September 2017
Kevin Pawlak

Topic: "Battle of Chickamauga, GA"

Recorded 10 August 2017
David Powell

Topic: "Battle of Williamsburg VA"

Recorded 13 July 2017
Drew Gruber

Topic: "Gettysburg Day 3"

Recorded 8 June 2017
Ed Bearss

Topic: "General Civil War Medicine"

Recorded 11 May 2017
Gordon Dammann

Topic: "Civil War Artillery Projectiles and Fuzes""

Recorded 13 April 2017
John Biemeck

Topic: "Slaughter at the Chapel; The Battle of Ezra Church"

Recorded 9 March 2017
Gary Ecelbarger

Jenee L. Lindner
Topic: "Clara Barton in the Civil War"

Recorded 9 February 2017
Jenee Lindner


Topic: "Lee's Decision to Resign from the US Army"

Recorded 12 January 2017
Al Stone

Topic: "CSS Shenandoah"

Recorded 8 December 2016
Dwight Hughes

Topic: "Kill Jeff Davis, The K&D Richmond, VA Raid"

Recorded on 10 November 2016
Bruce Venter

Topic: "Battle of Bristoe Station"

Recorded on 13 October 2016
William Backus

Topic: "Civil War History at the Bull Run Winery"

Recorded on 8 September 2016
Jon Hickox

Topic: "Battle of 2nd Manassas Campaign"

Recorded on 11 August 2016
Ed Bearss

Topic: "The Battle of 1st Manassas July 1861"

Recorded on 14 July 2016

[View slides]
John Hennessy

Topic: "25th Anniversary Panel of BRCWRT Presidents"

Recorded on 9 June 2016
BRCWRT Presidents

Topic: "Battle of Mule Shoe Salient"

61min, Recorded on 12 May 2016
Chris Mackowski

Topic: "Battle of Mobil Bay"

65min, Recorded on 14 April 2016
John Quarstein

Topic: "Battle of Kennesaw Mountain  GA"

72min, Recorded on 10 March 2016

[view slides]
Dan Vermilya

Topic: "The Use of Balloons by Union and Confederate Armies During the Civil War"

70min, Recorded on 11 February 2016

[view slides]
Kevin Knapp

Topic: "The War Came By Train"

50min, Recorded on 16 January 2016

[view slides]
Daniel  Toomey
Topic: "Battle at the Devil's Den-Gettysburg Pa July 1863"

77min, Recorded on 17 December 2015

[view slides]
Matt Atkinson

Topic: "CSS Alabama"

72min, Recorded on 12 November 2015
Christopher Kolakowski

Topic: "Looting of Fredericksburg, VA 1862"

62min, Recorded on 8 October 2015

[view Graphic]
Elizabeth Parnicza

Topic: "Battle of North Anna Va. May 1864"

71min, Recorded on 10 September 2015

[view Graphic]
Christopher Mackowski

Topic: "The Origins of the Longstreet Controversy 1865.- 1890"

Recorded on 9 September 2015 at the Civil War Round Table of the District of Columbia
Dan Paterson

Topic: "Lee"s Retreat to Appomattox 1865"

74min, Recorded on 13 August 2015

[view Graphic]
Ed Bearss
Topic: The Life of Confederate Colonel John S. Mosby

Speakers:  Chuck Mauro, Eric Buckland,
Don Hakenson, Dave Goetz

Chuck Mauro, Eric Buckland

Don Hakenson, Dave Goetz

Mosby Panel

Topic: "Mosby's Raids in Civil War Northern Virginia"

75min, Recorded on 11 June 2015

[view slides]
William Connery
Topic: "The West Point Class of 1862"

75min, Recorded on 14 May 2015

[view slides]
Brian McEnany

: "
Jonathan Roberts: The Civil War's Quaker Scout & Sheriff of Fairfax County, Va"

75min, Recorded on 9 April 2015

[view slides]
Gregory  Wilson

: "
Confederate Surrenders in the West 1865"

86min, Recorded on 12 March 2015

[view slides]

C-SPAN Longwood Conference Presentation 15 March 2015

Bert Dunkerly

Topic: "The Battle of Bentonville, NC March 1865"

59min, Recorded on 12 February 2015

[view slides 1-22]  
Daniel Davis

Topic: "Confederate Navy James River Campaign 1862/1865"

73min, Recorded on 8 January 2015

[view slides 1-50]   [view slides 51-93]
John Coski

Topic: "Hell is Being a Republican in Virginia": The Postwar Relationship Between John Singleton Mosby and Ulysses S. Grant

73min, Recorded on 18 December 2014

Photos of Meeting

 Link to C-SPAN History video broadcast 17 & 25 January 2015
Dave Goetz

Topic: "Citizen-General: Jacob Dolson Cox and the Civil War Era, Battle of Franklin Tenn. November 1864"

75min, Recorded on 13 November 2014

[view slides 1-26]   [view slides 27-53]
Schmiel & Mayer

Topic: "Battle of New Market Heights/Chaffin's Farm September 1864"

73min, Recorded on 9 October 2014

[view slides]
James Price

Topic: "Sheridan at Opequon Creek September 1864"

66min, Recorded on 11 September 2014
Scott Patchan

Topic: "Battle of the Crater/Petersburg  July 1864"

80min, Recorded on 14 August 2014

[view slides]
Emmanuel Dabney

Topic: "Battle of Cold Harbor June 1864"

68min, Recorded on 10 July 2014

[view slides]
Robert Dunkerly

Topic: "Battle of Fort Stevens July 1864"

82min, Recorded on 12 June 2014
Benjamin Cooling

View                                                                                      Download mp4
Virginia Time Traveler interview of President Mark Trbovich & Communication Chair Jim Lewis 19 May 2014

Topic: "Battle of the Wilderness - May 1864"

81min, Recorded on 8 May 2014

[view slides]
Ed Bearss

Topic: "The Gettysburg Address - Some New Reflections"

54min, Recorded on 10 April 2014
Al Smith

Topic: "Battle of New Market VA  May 1864"

84min, Recorded on 13 March 2014

[view slides]

Scott Harris

Topic: "How Grant Won and Lee Lost the Civil War"

91min., Recorded on 25 February 2014

[view slides]
Edward Bonekemper

Topic: "Mosby's Conglomerates - Jan 1, 1863-Jun 10, 1863"

89min., Recorded on 9 January 2014

[view slides]
Eric Buckland

Topic: "C.S.S. Hunley - Civil War Submarine 1863/1864"

81min., Recorded on 12 December 2013

Movie clip

Robert Neyland

Topic: "Battle of Mine Run - November 1863"

72 min., Recorded on 14 November 2013

[View Slides]

Greg Mertz

Topic: "Battle of Bristoe Station"

63 min., Recorded on 10 October 2013

[ View Slides 1-30   31-55]
Bradley Gottfried

Topic: "The 54th Massachusetts (Colored) & Fort Wagner"

53 min., Recorded on 12 September 2013

[View Sides in Order of Appearance]

Ronald Nichols

Topic: "Gettysburg, 2nd day, 2 July 1863"

90 min., Recorded on 9 May 2013

[View Slides]

Ed Bearss

Topic: "Meade’s Breakthrough at Fredericksburg:
Battle of Fredericksburg December 13, 1862"

85 min., Recorded on 13 December 2013
Don Ernsberger

Topic: "Battle of New Orleans - April 1862"

65 min., Recorded on 8 November 2012
Keith Young

Topic:  "The Battle of South Mountain and the Antietam Campaign September 1862"

Recorded on 11 October 2012

John Hoptak

Topic: "The Battle of Ox Hill/ Chantilly September 1, 1862"

Recorded on 13 September 2012

[View Slides 1-30]   [31-58]

Chuck Mauro

Topic: "The Battle of 2nd Manassas/ Bull Run August 1862"

Recorded on 9 August 2012

[View slides in order of Appearance]

John Hennessy

Topic: "2nd Manassas: Longstreet's Attack and the Struggle for Chinn Ridge"

Recorded on 12 July 2012

Scott Patchan

Topic: "The Seven Days Battles June 1863"

Recorded on 14 June 2012

Edward Sanders

Topic: "The Battle of Shiloh, April 1862"

90 min., Recorded on 10 May 2012

[View Slides in Order of Appearance]

Ed Bearss


"The Battle of the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia (formerly USS Merrimack)"

80 min., Recorded on 12 April 2012

[Photos of Monitor and Virginia] (Mariner's Museum, Newport News, VA)

John Quarstein
Topic: "Confederate Blockade of the Potomac River 1862"

61 min., Recorded on 8 March 2012
Robert Alton
Topic: "Lead Like A General"

72 min., Recorded on 9 February 2012
Paul Gilbert
Topic: "The Battle of Dranesville"

60 min., Recorded on 8 December 2011
Mark Trbovich
Topic:  "Battle of Balls Bluff, Leesburg Va"

67 min., Recorded on 13 October 2011
Jim Morgan

Topic: "The Confederacy's Last Northern Offensive"

47 min., Recorded on 11 August 2011

Steven Bernstein
Topic: "1st Battle of Bull Run, 21 July 1861"

90 min., Recorded on 12 May 2011

[View Slides in Order of Appearance]
Ed Bearss
Topic: "West Point At The Outset Of War"

59 min., Recorded on 10 February 2011
Brian McEnany

Lecture title: "Was It Practicable?"

Living Historian LtGen Richard Ewell, CSA lectures on events at the end of the day, July 1, 1863 at Gettysburg. 

82 min., Recorded on 18 November 2010

Richard Ewell

Topic: "A Southern Spy in Northern Virginia Laura Ratcliffe"

Laura Ratcliffe was a loyal southern woman who was 25 years of age when the War of Northern Aggression began. She supported her country by providing information, food and lodging to the Confederate officers and soldiers who marched and rode through western Fairfax County.

67 min., Recorded on 9 September 2010

Chuck Mauro

Topic: Battle of Chancellorsville

Recorded on 13 May 2010 at the Bull Run Civil War Round Table meeting. Camcorder stopped running from 7:50:29 to 8:26:54 PM so 36m 25s of the presentation was lost. The file is 1 hr long (84 MB download).

[View Slides in Order of Appearance]
Ed Bearss

Topic: 2nd Manassas/ Bull Run: Policy & Political Considerations

75 min., 36 MB, Recorded on 14 May 2009
John Hennessy

Topic: Bristoe Station to the Wilderness: Prelude to the Overland Campaign of 1864

1 hr long 84 MB, Recorded on 8 May 2008

Ed Bearss