General Membership Meetings

 Information & Schedule


Free and open to the public

Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month.



7:00 P.M.


  Centreville Regional Library *MAP*
14200 St. Germain Drive
Centreville, VA 20121-2299
(703) 830-222

Meeting Dates in


January 11th Author and Historian Ralph Peters
Lecture title: “Leadership Lesson of the CW"
February 8th
Author and Historian George Franks III
Lecture: "Battle of Falling Waters”
March 8th
Historian and Reenactor Brian Withrow
Lecture:  "Evening with US Grant"
April 12th
Historian and Reenactor Patrick Falci
Lecture:  "Ambrose Powell Hill”
May 10th
Author and Historian Randy Ferryman
Lecture: "CW Press: Resisting Censorship to Publish Secrets"
June 14th
Historian and NPS Ranger Stephen Phan
Lecture: “Battle of Nashville December 1864”
June 28th
Author and Historian Dave Goetz
Lecture: John S, Mosby
The Winery At Bull Run
15950 Lee Hwy, Centreville, VA  20120
July 12th
Author and Historian Ed Bearss
Lecture: "Battle of Ft Donaldson and Ft Henry"
August 9th
Author and Historian Chris Kolakowski
Lecture: "The Kentucky Campaign August to November 1862"
September 13th
Author and Historian Eric Whittenberg
Lecture: "Cavalry Action at Battle of Chickamauga"
October 11th
Author and Historians Dr Jeff McClurken
Lecture: "Take Care of the Living: Reconstructing Confederate Veteran Families in Virginia"
November 8th
Author and Historian Mark Dunkleman
Lecture: "Gettysburg’s Unknown Soldier: The Life, Death, and Celebrity of Amos Humiston"
December 13th
Author and Historian Eric Buckland
Lecture: "They Rode with Mosby"