General Membership Meetings

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Free and open to the public

Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month.



7:00 P.M.


  Centreville Regional Library *MAP*
14200 St. Germain Drive
Centreville, VA 20121-2299
(703) 830-222

Meeting Dates in

January 9th

Author and Historian Jan Croon
Titled "The War Outside My Window"
February 13th
Author and Historian Terry Heder
Titled "Is the World Being Set on Fire?: The Burning of the Shenandoah Valley"
March 12th
NPS Historian Jim Burgess
Titled "JEB Stuart's Raid on Catlett Station August 1862"
April 9th
Historian Deborah Mueller
Titled "Clara Barton"
May 14th
Author and Historian Steve Ditmeyer
Titled "Railroads, Herman Haupt, and the Battle of Gettysburg"
June 11th
Author and Historian Richard Quest
Titled ""I Held Lincoln; A Union Sailor's Journey Home"
July 9th
Author and NPS Historian Emeritus Ed Bearss
Titled "Civil War Question and Answer Session with BRCWRT Membership"
August 13th
Author and Historian Chris Mackowski
Titled "Grant's Last Battle-Personal Memoirs of US Grant"
September 10th
Historian Kristen Pawlak
Titled "Battle of Wilson Creek Mo Aug 1861"
October 8th
Professor of History Noah Cincinnati
Titled "The Political Crisis of Slavery as a Crisis in American Capitalism, 1830-1860”
November 12th
Historian David Dixon
Titled “The Lost Gettysburg Address"
December 10th
Historian Ron Beavers
Titled "Arlington House, The Last Battle of the Civil War"

January 17th
(rescheduled to 8/11/19
because of Federal shutdown)
MNBP Sup Brandon Bies
Titled "Unprecedented Discovery at Manassas National Battlefield Park"
February 14th
Author and Historian Gene Schmiel
Titled "The Battle of Antietam and the Union Command Controversy"
March 14th
Author and Historian Eric Whittenberg
Titled "Cavalry Action at Battle of Chickamauga"
April 11th
Author and Historian Noah Cincinnati
Titled "Sand and Blood: Slavery and American Capitalism”
May 9th
Author and Historian Paula Whitacre
Titled "Julia Wilbur and Harriet Jacobs, "Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl"
June 13th
Authors and Historians Chuck Mauro and Don Hakenson
Titled "Mosby in Fauquier County"
July 11th
Author and NPS Historian Emeritus Ed Bearss
Titled "Battle of Ft Fisher NC"
August 8th
Author and Historian Richard Lewis
Titled " Cloaked in Mystery: The Curious Case of the Confederate General's Coat"
August 11th MNBP Sup Brandon Bies
Titled "Unprecedented Discovery at Manassas National Battlefield Park"
September 12th
Author and Historian Authors and Historians Robert Orrison and Kevin Pawlak
Titled "To Hazard All: A Guide to the Maryland Campaign, 1862"
October 10th
Author and Historian Dan Clendaniel
Titled "The U.S. Marine Corps: John Brown’s Raid & the Civil War”
November 14th
Author and Historian Paige Gibbon-Backus
Titled “The Chaos and Carnage in the Hospitals of First Manassas"
December 12th
Author and Historian John Quarstein
Titled "Battle of Big Bethel VA June 1861"