BRCWRT Education Committee

The Education Committee is composed of volunteers with interest in promoting increased member and public awareness of Civil War history, issues, battlefields and sites. It provides continuing efforts to increase awareness of BRCWRT scholarships, promotes BRWCRT interaction with academic institutions, and supports the highly successful, monthly speaker programs coordinated by the BRCWRT President. The Executive Committee will appoint a BRCWRT member to serve as Chair of the Education Committee and an ex officio member of the Executive Committee.

Responsibilities of the Education Committee include:

  • The Scholarship sub-committee is organized to plan and promote BRCWRT scholarships in public high schools seniors in Fairfax and Prince William Counties. The chair of this sub-committee is an ex officio member of the Executive Council.

    • Provides and updates instructions for scholarship applications.

    • Interacts with county scholarship offices and school guidance counselors to ensure awareness of the BRCWRT scholarship.

    • In concert with the Marketing Committee, provides scholarship promotional material for BRCWRT events.

    • Conducts annual scholarship competition, including; review and assess applications received, selecting most promising applications, interviewing and rank-ordering respective applicants, and recommending the highest ranked applicant for scholarship award to the Executive Committee.

  • Providing BRCWRT outreach to local colleges’ and university’s history departments in Fairfax and Prince William counties to help encourage the study of Civil War history, sites and battlefields.

    • Maintaining current Civil War history interaction with George Mason University (GMU History Department on topics of mutual interest to BRCWRT.

    • Continuing preparation and delivery of Civil War and local history classes with GMU History Department

    • In the short term, expanding BRCWRT influence with Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) Civil War history programs.

    • Extension of this interaction to high schools and middle schools in both counties is included within the sub-committee’s responsibilities.

  • Helping support and coordinate President’s actions to create the annual BRCWRT speakers program of outstanding scholars and historians for monthly meetings on a wide range of Civil War topics.

  • Providing essential meeting room arrangements in support of BRCWRT monthly meetings. Coordinates with Audio-Visual and Event Planning sub-committees to ensure that meeting rooms and or event venues are properly prepared.