2. Transform 66 Outside the Beltway Project

As of 6 November 2018
Microsoft Word - EXCOM Preservation Update – 6 Nov 2018.docx

  • VDOT letter (September 27, 2018) to Virginia DHR (copied to consulting parties) accepted DHR’s opinion as the basis for resolving the adverse effect, provided a draft Section 106 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for review and comment, and requested consulting parties to reaffirm their interest in continuing to be consulting parties, and to provide any comments on the MOA by October 12, 2018

  • Based on comments received from consulting parties, VDOT issued final draft MOA on 26 October, for review and comment by 5 November. Subsequently, and based on initial review comments from NPS and other consulting parties, VDOT scheduled a 6 November meeting (2:00 pm at MNBP HQ – Stuart Hill) with consulting parties to discuss and resolve outstanding issues associated with the draft MOA.

o Area of Potential Effects (PE) boundary - reassess
o Acquisition/donation of suitable land to a conservation organization –

4.54 acre parcel of land located adjacent to MNBP (Latsios Property) o Complete Manassas Battlefield Viewshed Protectin Plan
o Portici Cultural Landscape Report (CLR)
o Lighting at Rt 234 Interchange (height)
o Overhead signage on westbound EAR

As of 9 October 2018

Background. As part of a larger I-66 improvement project, Dynamic Tolling Express Lanes will be extended from the Capital Beltway to Gainesville.

Transforming I-66 by 2022; more than $3B in transportation improvements designed to:


VDOT/EMP/FAM meetings with Consulting Parties have continued
o March 22, 2018 at 10 AM, Location: VDOT Project Office (4975 Alliance Drive, Fairfax)
April 26, 2018 at 10 AM, Location: VDOT Project Office (12500 Fair Lakes Circle Fairfax)
o June 18, 2018 at 10 AM, Location: VDOT Project Office (12500 Fair Lakes Circle Fairfax)
o August 1, 2018 at 10AM, Location: VDOT Project Office (12500 Fair Lakes Circle Fairfax)

Primary issue for BRCWRT and many of the Consulting Parties remains Elevated Access Ramps (EARs) adverse effect (visual, noise) on MNBP visitor experience VDOT / EMP / FAM on June 18, 2018 provided Consulting Parties a “Proposed Access East of Sudley Road in vicinity of Manassas National Battlefield Park Alternatives Evaluation Memorandum”, which included:

o MNBP issues
      Noise levels

      Visual intrusion

Alternative Technical Concept (ATC) 30
o Access to and departure from express lanes east of Route 234 Business (Sudley Road)
o Elevated Access Ramps deigned to ‘fly over’ the general purpose lanes to enter and exit the express lanes
o Visual impact of ATC 30 on the MNBP Portici site and other MNBP resources deemed unacceptable - NPS and ACHP, Feb 2018 ATC 30, Option 6

o EB EAR (vic Virginia Visitor Center on I-66) shifted west to take advantage of terrain and relative natural elevation differences to mask the WB EAR from MNBP view shed

o Replace WB general purpose entrance with a slip ramp west of Sudley Road, enabling WB EAR relocation further east - outside of MNBP Portici view shed

Consulting Party comments on Alternatives Evaluation Memorandum:

o Visualizations shown to date do not include ramps with busses, trucks or toll gantries or signage

o Site visit with a balloon test suggested by MNBP
o Visualizations done at vantage points 1-8 identified by MNBP – recognition that the EARS will be clearly visible from other locations within the Park o Loss of existing vegetation in VDOT ROW along Vandor lane - - MNBP suggestion to close Vandor Lane east of existing NPS parking area, and use this area of ROW to establish additional vegetative screening

Current Status
During 1 August meeting with Consulting Parties, VDOT provided its position on EAR impacts on MNBP

Consulting Parties Responses (summary) to VDOT

VDOT - Northern Virginia District (4975 Alliance Drive, Fairfax Virginia 22033), Susan Shaw, P.E. (Megaprojects Director)
National Park Service (NPS) / Manassas National Battlefield Park (MNBP), Brandon Bies (Superintendent)

Civil War Trust (CWT)

Manassas Battlefield Trust (MBT), Christy Forman (POC)
Bull Run Civil War Round Table (BRCWRT)
Piedmont Environmental Council
Central Virginia Battlefields Trust (CVBT)
Prince William County (PWC) Planning Office
PWC Board of Supervisors

Completed Actions:

o Design Plans distributed for CPs review
o BallsFordPark-and-Ride
o Segment 1A - from Exit 43 (Us 29) to Station 5430 (west of Sudley Road interchange)
o Segment 1B – from Station 5430 (west of Sudley Road interchange) to Station 5595 (east of Bull Run Drive Bridge)
o Segment 1C – from Station 5595 (east of Bull Run Drive Bridge) to Station 5743 (west of US 28)

Planned Actions/Activities.


o Review VDOT draft Section 106 MOA; provide comments and reaffirm interest in continuing as consulting party
o Maintain communications with MNBP Superintendent, Brandon Bies
o Coordinate input and actions with MNBP and Manassas Battlefield Trust o Attend scheduled Consulting Party coordination meetings
o Submit, as appropriate, additional comments and information
o Monitor developments