PWC Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Bristoe Station and Kettle Run Battlefields Preservation Study

Prince William County is currently considering a Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA2018-00002, Bristoe Station and Kettle Run Preservation Study Comprehensive Plan Amendment) incorporating recommendations from the Bristow Station and Kettle Run Battlefields Preservations Study, published in 2016, into the County Comprehensive Plan.  The CPA focuses on themes such as, but not limited to, preservation of significant historic resources, maintaining rural area character, and protection priorities for consideration in reviewing land development applications.

CPA2018-00002 was presented to the PWC PlanningCommission at its March 13, 2019 Working Session, which was attended by several BRCWRT Executive Committee members.  BRCWRT members spoke at this meeting and have submitted comments on-line supporting adoption of the CPA.  On April 17th, the Planning Commission will consider adoption of the CPA and whether it goes forward to the County Board of Supervisors with the Planning Commission's recommendation to incorporate into the Comprehensive Plan.  The meeting will be held at 7 pm in the Board Chambers, James J. McCoart Building, 1 County Complex Court, Woodbridge, VA 22192

Immediately below is the link to the PWC website that contains information on the Study and the CPA, the CPA approval process, and how to submit public comments to the Planning Commission.  Interested BRCWRT members, and in particular PWC residents, should submit comments supporting adoption of the CPA via the link provided - the submission process is simple and easy.

Key Points: