7. Brown’s Battery Site.

Background. As of December 2016 the proposal to extend the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) line to Haymarket has been abandoned. However, VRE has announced plans to establish a railroad maintenance yard in the vicinity of the presumed site of Brown's Battery which is on property owned by Prince William County (PWC).  Both BRCWRT and the PW County Historic Resources office have proposed incorporation of the battery site into Bristoe Battlefield Park.  Although the proposal has been viewed favorably by the PWC Planning Staff, no action has been taken at the political level to do so, possibly due to VRE's interest in the property.

Current Status. Preliminary plans for the VRE railroad maintenance yard, as published in the local media, may encroach on the presumed battery site.

Parties Involved.

Virginia Railway Express (VRE) – Jeanine Lawson, Alternate Member of VRE Operations Board

Northern Virginia Transportation Commission

Potomac and Rappahannock Transportation Commission

Federal Rail Administration PWC Planning Staff

PWC Historical Commission


Planned Actions/Activities.