15. Falling Waters 1863 Battlefield Expansion/Preservation Support (new)


Battle of Falling Waters 1863 Foundation, Inc. is proposing expansion of Falling Waters 1863 Battlefield from 3.5 acres to 19.5 acres, with a request to the Civil War Trust (now American Battlefield Trust) (ABT/CWT) to purchase a parcel of 16 acres of prime Battlefield land (the center of Lee’s July 14, 1863 rear guard position commanded by Henry Heth) and the Daniel Donnelly House.

As with the 3 1/2 acres already purchased, a significant portion of the funding would come from the American Battlefield Protection Program/National Park Service. Ultimately the easement would be held by the Maryland Historical Trust and managed and supported by the Battle of Falling Waters 1863 Foundation, Inc.

Completed Actions:

BRCWRT letter of support submitted to CWT (now ABT) on May 10, 2018.

Submitted by the BRCWRT Preservation Committee:

Blake Myers (Chair)

John Depue

Kim Brace

Rob Orrison

John Pearson

Jim Lewis