Latsios Property

200 acre tract on south side of Pageland Lane opposite Stuart’s Hill & MNBP HQ & Visitor Center

MNBP Significance - Battle of 2nd Manassas

Current Status.

Gainesville Crossing Rezoning application submitted to Prince William County, Nov 2017

MNBP / NPS comments submitted 5 Jan 2018

BRCWRT letter (24 Jan 2018) submitted to PWC Planning Office recommending the following be included by the Prince William County Planning Office in its response back to the developer:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive military site survey, including the use of metal detectors, ground penetrating radar, etc. of the entire property. The focus of this survey would be on seeking evidence of any activities related to the Second Battle of Manassas, including fighting that may have occurred on August 28, 1862, unit camp sites, field hospital sites and burial sites.

  2. Increase the size of the proposed wooded buffer along US Route 29 (Lee Highway; old Warrenton Turnpike) from 75 feet to 100 feet to better protect the viewshed from Conway Robinson State Forest (Fenstrom Forrest) and Brawner Farm.

  3. Include in the development plan a Lee, Jackson, Longstreet August 28, 1862 Meeting historical site/park/kiosk area near the pond bordering US Route 29 (directly across from the current site of the Lee, Jackson, Longstreet meeting marker in Conway Robinson State Forest). This park/kiosk area would be part of the green space currently included in the development plan, and would include a set-aside area for the meeting marker (relocated from its current site in Conway Robinson State Forest), an historical marker/sign and a Civil War Trails interpretive sign, situated within a kiosk area that would include benches for sitting.

  4. Repair the existing Dunklin monument, including remounting the stone with the Dunklin inscription onto of the monument

As of March 5, 2018 the PWC Planning Office’s response has not been submitted to the developer. Once completed and available, the Planning Office will provide a copy to BRCWRT.