11. Liberia Road Development (new)


Property on the northeast corner of Liberia Ave and the PWC Parkway is in the process of a two-phased development.  The northern part of the property already is under development construction, and the southern portion (next to the Parkway) is just going through the development plan approval process by PWC.  Research indicates this property was the site of a camp for Alabama (and possibly North Carolina) confederate troops during the early part of the war.

In May 2018 Kim went before the full Planning Commission and proposed that the developer should install a historic marker and set aside a small area of the planned parking lot for the creation of a "History Plaza" similar to what was done in Gettysburg at the site of Camp Letterman.  The attorney representing the developer at this meeting told the Commission that he talked with his client that evening and he agreed to a historical sign.

Current Status:

Kim Brace (Preservation Committee member and Chairman, PWC Historical Commission) has been informed by the developer that the development will include an historical plaza with two historical markers (details to be determined).

Completed Actions:

Information provided to PWC Planning Office on May 8, 2018 - History of the set-aside area in the parking area where Camp Letterman was located in the Civil War (Adams County Planning Department and the Adams County Historical Society).