Saturday 9 May 2020

SCOPE OF TOUR: The CCMR was constructed during the winter of 1861- 1862 to link Manassas Junction and Centreville, furnishing a much-needed supply line for the 40,000-plus Confederate soldiers encamped in and around Centreville.

The story of how (and by whom) the CCMR was constructed and the human-interest stories associated with the CCMR are fascinating. Our tour will begin at the Harris Pavilion located diagonally across West Street from the Historic Manassas Visitor Center and Train Depot (the proximate location of the historic Manassas Junction).  The tour will cover (and generally follow) the route of the CCMR from Manassas Junction to its terminus in Centreville.  Planned Tour stops include several segments of the CCMR roadbed that still exist, including sites that are relatively unknown and have likely not been visited in decades (100+ years?).

Tour Marching Orders

Date/Time: Saturday 9 May 2020 8:45 AM

Assembly Location:   Parking Lot of the Historic Manassas Visitor Center & Train Depot, 9431 West Street (8:45 AM)

EXERTION: We will hike for approximately 2.0 miles on uneven ground. We’d recommend bringing water, wear comfortable shoes, a cap, and long pants/jeans.  Even though not difficult, these uneven pathways and trails are not advisable for people with special needs.

Tour Duration: 9:00 A.M. until approximately 1:00 P.M.  For those who are interested and have the time, an optional (no-host) lunch is planned for after the formal tour, followed by a hike & visit to a remote, ‘recently-discovered’ remnant of the CCMR roadbed.

Uniform of the Day: The CCMR tour will involve some cross-terrain walking (think John McAnaw) at a couple of the tour stops. Adequate physical ability, good hiking footwear and water (please bring your own) are a must for participants.

Tour Guide: Blake Myers – Bull Run Civil War Round Table

Pls sign up for the CCMR Tour no later than Friday, 1 May 2020.

Links to tour write-up:

BRCWRT Tour_CCMR_May 9 2020.pdf

BRCWRT Tour_CCMR_May 9 2020.docx