Saturday 26 October 2019

Prelude to 2nd Manassas (Bull Run)” Tour

Tour Marching Orders

Date: 26 October 2019

Assembly Location/Time: Centreville Library Parking Lot, 8:45 AM

Tour Duration: Rain or Shine;  tour will last 5-6 hours including driving time

Cost: Free to All.   Carpooling Centreville Library parking lot is essential to minimize site congestion & maximize camaraderie.   Again, let's try to consolidate into the fewest number of vehicles possible. 

Uniform of the Day: Walking anticipated; wear comfortable shoes.

Lunch: Lunch not provided; stop for a lunch break is planned.

Tour Features:  A series of events throughout Northern and Central Virginia in August 1862 led to the clash at 2nd Manassas.  Join local historians as we visit and walk in the footsteps where some of these actions occurred and resulted in what may have been “Lee’s Masterpiece”.

Stops may include: Cedar Mountain, Verdiersville, Catlett Station and Thoroughfare Gap.  

Tour Leader: Doug Horhota at or 757-592-1193; 10 sign ups required.