Saturday 20 May 2017

“On the Road to Antietam” Tour

Tour Marching Orders

Date: 20 May 2017

Assembly Location/Time: Centreville Library Parking Lot, 8:00 AM

Tour Duration: Tour expected to end about 5:00 PM at Centreville Library

Cost: Free to All.   Carpooling Centreville Library parking lot is essential to minimize site congestion & maximize camaraderie.   Again, let's try to consolidate into the fewest number of vehicles possible. 

Uniform of the Day: Dress for possible hot & humid weather, wear comfortable shoes; bug spray to deal with possible ticks, etc.

Lunch: Pack your own lunch, bring water.  Lunch stop at Gathland State Pa

Tour Features:  The Antietam Campaign in September 1862 was a turning point of the Civil War.  For the first time, Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia pushed beyond the boundary of the Potomac River on an invasion of Northern territory.  The Antietam Campaign was unique in its strategy, tactics, as well as it political consequence.  The Spring tour will look out origins of the campaign, the decision made by the commanders, how the terrain influenced the fighting, and the circumstances that brought the Union and Confederate armies face-to-face along Antietam Creek. We plan to stop at Harpers Ferry, Crampton's Gap, Fox's Gap and walk these battlegrounds that were a preliminary fighting stage to the actual battle of Antietam.

Stops will include:
Harpers Ferry, Crampton's Gap, Fox's Gap

Tour Leader: Scott Kenepp cell: 703-624-4995.